Out of curiosity and searched the term “Unified Namespace” on Google Trends today. The result is surprising: there was an activity peak in 2004 followed by a low constant activity.

Was the Unified Namespace coined already in 2004?

With the rapid emergence of new technologies, I find it important to look a few decades into the past. Perhaps the “new” technology is not new at all, but rather a rebranding of an existing concept. After all, experienced professionals occasionally argue that over decades we’re re-inventing the wheel, just with new technologies.

It’s also interesting to see that the Unified Namespace hasn’t entered the mainstream. It’s an extremely popular topic in the industry 4.0 communities I frequent, but outside - not so much. This tells me that my world is not necessarily the same of someone else’s world and that I shouldn’t make assumptions about what’s considered to be common knowledge.

To me this shows that there is still a lot of work to do in educating manufacturers about the existence of this solution. Whether we call it a “Unified Namespace” or “event-driven architecture” is less important. I prefer the former though.