Unified Namespace Development

Do you struggle to analyze your potline’s data?

  • You are tired of spending more time wrangling data than analyzing data.
  • The amount of data stored on paper and in Excel files is driving you crazy.
  • There is an old database, but it’s missing data and has no documentation.

Sounds familiar?

Imagine having easy access to clean real-time data of your entire smelter

You could:

  • Focus on your analysis instead of wasting time on endless data preparation.
  • Stop worrying about bad data quality and juggling heaps of text files.
  • Find any data you need including data from other departments.

Combine all your data in one place

The biggest reason why aluminium smelters can’t extract much value from their data is that it is scattered across systems that are not connected with each other.

The Unified Namespace (UNS)

A unified namespace in manufacturing is akin to creating a central hub where all the data generated within a plant is neatly organized and accessible from one place. It’s like having a comprehensive filing system for all the information produced by various machines and processes.

Here’s how it works:

The interaction consists of four consecutive phases.

  1. Digital assessment: We map out the architecture of the existing data infrastructure of your aluminium smelter.

  2. Proof of concept: The initial unified namespace will combine data from one or several electrolysis pots as well as data from the Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

  3. Demonstrate value: By solving a specific problem at the smelter we demonstrate that the unified namespace is able to deliver value from the very beginning.

  4. Scaling out: The integration of additional electrolysis pots and other information systems (ERP, SCADA) at the smelter.

Ready to get started?

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Don’t take my word for it…

Here’s what other people have said:

"Denis worked at Trimet France in 2018 and has developped R shiny apps for our production needs.
We were relly impressed by his commitment, the speed and quality of his work."

- Olivier Granacher, Senior Process Engineer at TRIMET Aluminium

"Denis is a very gifted Data Engineer, having the innate understanding of data in the space of manufacturing.
I had the opportunity to work with Denis for a year at Novelis and during this brief time he had left an impact within the team. "

- Cynthia Khan, Data Engineering Services Manager at Novelis

"Denis did a great job building the data infrastructure for our IoT-related features at ForkOn.
He is highly focused, well organised and motivated.
He sets very high standards for his work, which always has lead to excellent quality results."

- Vlada Pototskaia, Head of Engineering at Froomle