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ICSOBA2023 Learnings: Day 3

By the end of the third I’d seen all the presentations about digital transformation in the primary aluminium industry. Here are a couple of general patterns that I managed to identify:

ICSOBA2023 Learnings: Day 2

On the second day of the ICSOBA2023 conference the topics of IoT, AI and Digital Transformation came up throughout the entire day, from paper presentations to general keynote sessions.

Why I'm Personally Betting on Cloud

Critics say that the cloud is really just a “an expensive computer in a another room”. Defenders argue that the cloud actually saves costs. I think discussion focuses too much on infrastructure as a service (storage, compute and networking).

Excel Still Reigns Supreme

I’m currently working for a client in aluminium manufacturing. I was amazed to discover that all of the planning of their production processes (what is generally the responsibility of the MES system) is completely hand-crafted in Excel.

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